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Real Sea Glass Christmas Tree

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🎄This Sea Glass Tree made of 100% real genuine sea glass ( been picked by me on the seashore of The Sea of Azov, Ukraine) and real starfish and seashells.
It will be great and unique gift for everyone who cares of nature and appropriate it's beauty.

Sea Glass Christmas Tree Is Here To

🎄Maybe you live in the tropical area of Florida or even further south and need a good Christmas tree to express your love for the cold season, or you live in a cold area and want to express your love for the tropics. Hope you are in the dead of winter .

Beautiful Sea Glass Christmas Trees

🎄The sea glass Christmas tree is made of pure blue, green and turquoise sea glass. You can choose to place decorations on the sea glass decorated with sea shells and mini starfish.

Beautiful Sea Glass Christmas Trees

🎄If you want to add interest to Christmas decorations in the ocean or in the tropics, then these beautiful sea glass Christmas trees may solve the problem! No matter what your reason is, these amazing sea glass Christmas trees can serve their purpose.


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