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Rainbow Bead Game

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tick TRAIN THINKING - Combine Patterns freely, exercise logic thinking
tick IDENTIFY COLORS - 6 bright colors of the rainbow
tick DEVELOP CONCENTRATION - Multiplayer interaction improves child’s cognition & right brain development
tick INSPIRE IMAGINATION - Endless ways to play, there’s no perfect way to win the game!


Beads only move vertically or horizontally. Your aim is to match beads of the same color as adjacent beads. Each bead gives you 1 point, collect as many connecting beads of the same color to win the round!


  • Randomly place the 48 beads on the black board, 2 beads of the same color should not be connected. Leave only the center empty.
  • To start your turn, push a full line of beads in a single direction.
  • Collect the beads of the same color that are connected vertically or horizontally.
  • The game ends when there are no more beads of the same color on the board. Check who is the winner with the most number of beads!

Life is too short to not have Rainbow Bead Game to play with.

Fun To Play

Identify Colors

Multiplayer Lovin'

Develops Creativity

Made To Last

Rainbow Bead Game is out-of-the-box, ready to play. Here’s all that you need to get started on some fun!

1x Rainbow Bead Game Board
48x Colored Beads
1x Beads Pouch
1x Game Box


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