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Fully Zipper Hood Shield Covering ,Face protective Shield ,Cotton Loose Hood Protective Set fully knit hood

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"A designer from Sofia, Bulgaria, makes hoodie shields that zipper into place and “make you feel totally comfortable and secure while going out.”
Full protection with fully knit shawl and covering and face protection if needed !

This hooded face shield will make you feel totally comfortable and secure whille going out for work , walk or have a trip ;)

Combined with a face mask or bandana you are totaly secure and protected , no chance for touching your face ,nose or mouth accidentally.
You will be always in style and always trendy as usual despise of the changes we have been trough .

You can wear the hood as a fashion accessory over denim jacket ,leather jacket , sweater ,sweatshirt even over favorite t shirt ... basically as gas as your imagination allows :)
* washable & reusable
* fits perfectly over masks, bandanas & glasses
* oversized zipper hood
* transparent face shield that can be worn separately or zipped in the hood allowing to breath normally when taking walking or just laughing ...
* fully zipped shiled

Size : One size

Fabric :
Hood is made of 100% cotton

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