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Electric Small Bubble Blackhead Remover USB Rechargeable Water Cycle Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Cleaner Tool

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Product Information

5-in-1 Bubble Blackhead Remover uses water oxygen cycle combined with vacuum suction method to clean the blackheads inject micro bubbles into the pores providing nutrients to nourish the skin. Promotes skin exfoliation removing dead cells reveling a soft and glowy skin.

Three suction strengths available for you to choose from, different suction strengths are applicable to different types of the skin.

5-in-1 Bubble Blackhead Remover promotes deep cleansing removing acne, whiteheads and excess oil from the skin while hydrating and moisturizing.


Technical Information

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Packaging Contents: 1 5-in-1 Bubble Blackhead Remover, 6 Nozzles , 1 USB Charger
Rated power: 2W

Liquid medium: warm water, pure water, energy water, cleaning solution, makeup remover, softening lotion, essence lotion, essence, toner and serum.



Product Safety Instructions

Please read the "Safety Precautions" before using for the first time.

Do not shake the product, turn it upside down, or block the exhaust port with your hands.

Do not stay on the same place on the skin for a long time, you need to keep it sliding and lifting.

Do not put the body of the blackhead remover in water to clean it, because the body is not waterproof.

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