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The BreatheCup is the world's first mask insert accessory that protectslipstick & makeup from smudging, stops glasses from fogging up, preventsdreaded "maskne," and enables you to talk easily and be heard clearly, allwhile allowing you to breathe easier and freely as if you weren't wearing amask at all.

*The BreatheCup is intended to be used with your existing mask. Masks arenot included.

Why do I need this?

As we all know, wearing a mask can be difficult. It will stain your perfectly applied lipstick and makeup. It fogs your glasses, so you can't see where you are going. It may make it difficult for people to speak and make it difficult for others to hear your voice. Sometimes, you even feel like you are "eating" a mask when you take a deep breath.

How does this work

BreatheCup is the right silicone mask insert for you

The existing mask. A bubble or gap will be formed between your mask and your mouth, so that your mask no longer rubs your lips and skin. This makes breathing and speaking easier. This also means no more ruining your carefully applied lipstick and makeup

Once you try the BreatheCup, you'll never wear a mask without itagain. The BreatheCup works with any mask - cloth, homemade,disposables, etc. Manufactured from premium food-grade

silicone, the device is flexible to fit any face shape - suitable formen, women, and children, lt's also washable, reusable, andhypoallergenic.

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